Arnaldo Nicolas Morales

Finca Los Tucanes Verdes
Arnoldo Cristobal Nicolas Morales
Altitude: 1,378 MASL
Variety: Icatu
Processing: Washed, honey and natural
Harvest: December to March
Location: Las Pilas. Chinacla.

Producer History: In 2013 I inherited some land from my father. It was an old farm that was over 50 years old of imperial bourbon variety brought in from El Salvador back in the 1920's. My father had 4 manzanas (about 3 hectares). Half of it was planted with bourbon and the other half with catuai. In 2009, the farm was severely affected by the roya epidemic and he lost all four manzanas of production.

In 2014 I became a member of COMSA. It was there that I learned all about organic agriculture, and the health and ecological benefits that we receive through these type of environmentally friendly practices. It was in 2015 that Finca Los Tucanes Verdes was born, alluding to Emerald Toucan bird that you can often see in the farm.

At Finca Los Tucanes Verdes we work hand-in-hand with the environment, engaging in practices that care for the soil and protect local flora and fauna. With some of the knowledge we have developed as members in COMSA, we have learned how to work the soil to improve the quality of life of our family and obtain excellent quality results in the specialty coffees we are preparing. Starting with the first coffee pickings, we process coffee through, natural, washed and honey methods that render excellent cup qualities. Depending on the type of process and the day's weather, coffees can ferment between 15 and 50 hours. Our coffee is dried in raised nylon drying beds.

By spending a day at Finca Los Tucanes Verdes you can enjoy nature accompanied by birdsong, breathe fresh air and contemmplate the beauty in nature. You can enjoy a freshly cut orange and savour the taste of the countryside, listening to the thrushes, appreciate the dazzling scarlet feathers of birds like the chequeque, oropendolas, toucans, sparrows,chorcas, pichitos, wild pidgeons,grackles, woodpeckers,torogoces and tordos.

Finca Los Tucanes Verdes is distinguished by being in harmony with nature.

During harvest, coffee cherries are picked carefully by hand when they are perfectly ripened, .It is de-pulped and fermented between 15 and 50 hours in nylon bags. Once finalized, the coffee is laid out to dry in raised bed drying tables.

Arnaldo Nicolas Morales


Varietals Grown:

  • 100% Icatú