Jose Saucedo Mego

Jose Saucedo is a member of the Sol&Cafe cooperative since 2010, belonging to the Paraiso Agricola association, located about two hours from the city of Jaen. In this time Jose has become a committed, engaged and responsable producer. He is continually innovating in his production methods in order to continue being one of the best producers in the region.

He was born in Jaen and comes from a family of 4 siblings. He is now 46 years old and with 3 children. His farm is named “El Solitario” ( the “lonely man”) because it is the furthest removed from his home town, with no houses nearby.
Coffee growing is Jose’s main source of income, but he also has a small shop, or bodega, in town where he sells household articles and food.
Through coffee sales and his shop’s income, he has been able to educate his 3 children.

He tells us coffee growing is his passion since the growing region he is in is one heavily benefitted by climate conditions for an excellent quality. His quality has become nationally renowned, having earned recognitions 4 years in a row by Coop. Sol & Cafe.



Varietals Grown:

  • 25% Typica
  • 25% Catuai
  • 25% Caturra
  • 25% Pache Colis